Exploring new grounds in Corona time

No Summertime Sports Sadness

We never ever, in our wildest dreams (or nightmares) could we have imagined having to live 2020’s spring & summer reality.

The movie Contagion, what seemed like a sci-fi thriller in 2011 turned out to be scary true story in 2020. And even though the regulations have eased up in many countries, we will have to wait, at least until after the summer, to participate in and watch some great rides.

So how do we keep ourselves motivated and prevent Summertime Sports Sadness?

Summertime Sports Sadness could be lurking around the corner with the forecast of no big events to participate or watch. And even though it took me a while as well to find the reset button, I would like to think I have found it. I can’t guarantee these tips will work for you. I can only say they work for me.

Set new goals

What should have been, could have been is not something you can mourn about for too long. So just try and focus on what will be again. My goals for 2020 were de Ronde van Vlaanderen, Amstel Gold Race, L’etappe du tour and many, many gravelrides. Some have been postponed, some have been cancelled and some, well, I doubt I will be fit enough to ride by the time they will be held. In the meantime, I have kept an eye on smaller rides in places I would not normally ride and distances I would not normally do, just for the fun of it. Actually really looking forward to riding these. I have also forced myself to learn to ride with gps to learn new roads and also met up with different riding buddies in different parts of the Netherlands. Others I have seen set new goals as well, competing virtually, riding rides with a DIY kit or accepting crazy challenges like riding 200, 300 or even 600+ in one day. Nothing wrong with setting crazy new goals to keep yourself motivated in crazy times so why not do crazy things?

Develop new skills

Even though I have kept cycling ever since the pandemic era started, I haven’t been training as religiously as I would have been if my goals would have still been there this summer. I do, however have these massive amounts of energy in my body. And keeping my body fit, keeps my mind healthy. So how to do that with a slight lack of motivation? Well, I finally started that strength/yoga routine, that I have been meaning to do for years. You know, that stuff that is really great for you but you kinda not want to do because you prefer cardio on your bike? And this bike thing already takes up so much of your time? Well, now was the perfect time to start and to start loving it (and I really do!). I bought some fitness accessories and yoga outfits and incorporated the sessions into my routine. Not riding my bike 4/5 times a week gave me the time and I really love this crisis for that. Even if I pick up a more intense cycling schedule towards a new goal, I will keep these new skills in my routine.

cycling & yoga

Do all the things you normally wouldn’t do

How often did I say no to drinks or diner on a tuesday or friday or saturday night in the past years, just because I was training or prepping for a ride? Guess what? This time I said yes! At first to drinks at home, due to covid-19 restrictions, but now that bars and restaurants are a ok again I will definitely look forward to rocking the terraces this summer! Will I see you there?

And you know what? Even though the nights will be longer, they will feel shorter being packed with all that fun stuff! Summer will be over in the blink of an eye…and guess what it will be an awesome autumn!