Restless & Rare souls

restless soul is a person that cannot find rest wherever they end up. … And a restless soul can’t help themselves from looking for rest. The drive to move onwards is constant and ever-present.

When I read the definition of a restless soul above, it actually sounds pretty heavy: never being able to find peace, wherever you are. But on the other hand, it also sounds terribly familiar: having a constant, ever-present drive to improve yourself. When I look at it that way, I know quite a lot of restless souls and we experience, together or alone, a lot of beautiful adventures in that always present and constant drive to find rest (in this case by cycling).

In general, I am very satisfied with the way I currently live my (sports) life. As I described earlier, I have an indoor training schedule to help me through the winter months (on my bike). A schedule that, despite a new and fairly intensive job and two pre-teens in my house, I adhere to fairly religiously … And yet sometimes I feel restless too.

I made a strong case once, about the benefits of training indoors, and I seemed quite convinced of my own principles. And yet I catch myself wondering if I am doing so well. Every day I come across so many people outside and even in the comments on my piece they seemed to want to convince me that cycling outside is really The Only Way. For real?

The benefits of my indoor training during the winter months are clear to me. Among other things, I can more easily train mountains, do short and long interval training sessions, more or less supervised by my trainer. This makes me stronger. This gives me peace of mind, or a soul at rest.

Up untill now. This morning there was a clear blue sky, icy cold wind but above all: a bright sun. I started my training program in good spirits, set for two and a half hours in Watopia. But my mind wandered. I could not concentrate. I had the feeling that I was ploughing onwards yes, but yearning to go outside also. I suffered from a restless and, above all, a dull soul.

The only way

It was much better outside. I had to go outside! So changed from outfit, changed wheels and went outside. My soul immediately felt satisfaction. Pure joy. Yes it was cold. Yes, the wind cut through my arm warmers and yes, because of my cold hands I could barely put the key in my front door afterwards, but God it was nice. Yes, sometimes cycling outside in the cold is really The Only Way!

But….Last week I also really enjoyed my indoor training sessions. So for me there is No Only One Way. I can get a lot of satisfaction from both bicycling worlds, inside and outside. Watopia gives me peace of mind in the winter, cycling outside gives me a clear mind in the winter.

Maybe that makes me a rare soul.

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